SOOPS ( formerly DJ Supreme ) returns and gets worldwide support with the new single “It’s Just Me & You.

SOOPS formerly DJ Supreme is back for 2013 with his new release “It’s Just Me and You” featuring The Icepick.

Two names that have had a pedigree and legacy associated with UK Urban Music that is still being referenced some 25 years after inception. The inception in DJ Supreme’s case was his pioneering and genre defining work with seminal British rap group Hijack. Not only setting the standard as a turntablist, but almost single-handedly creating the Britcore sound circa 1988 as a producer and creative powerhouse.


Referencing past concrete credentials is one thing, but it would be doing Soops a

Disservice to stay rooted in the past. It’s Just Me & You is firmly rooted in the now !

Make no mistake. His idea of a ghetto love rap is realised and features the crafted

lyrical delivery of The Icepick. Now sadly retired, though for many, having one of

the best flows in rap. Period. No wonder then, that Soops feels he is inspired to come

back now in 2013 and strive to be on top of his music game again.


So what of this new track? What does it bring? Vitality and bounce that’s what. Of course it’s teeth have been sharpened on hip hop, but this is a more considered and progressive sound that doesn’t seek to be defined by genre. Of course the clues are there for the purists, just listen to The Icepick own the mic here, almost casually

spitting lyrics whilst retaining his infamous menace.


Soops, meanwhile, has embraced a more electronic feel to his sound, referencing his

own musical heritage - one of an alchemy of dancehall, ska, disco and rock to name but a few genres. In doing so It’s Just Me and You comes over almost playful andI defy you not to nod that head to its bounce. Whilst The Icepick looks for his ‘nubian connection’, Soops has stitched into this track’s DNA a necessary roughness and

attitude. Resulting in a tune that’s “Well equipped, with a hip hop lick” to quote

the great Kool G Rap.


Included in the release for It’s Just Me and You are two extra mixes. The Magnetic Mix

replaces the bounce of the original with an almost robot like metallic funk.

The Lazyboy Mix is the smoother of all the mixes, though still snappy and overlaid

with more of a string section feel, that gives an almost lamenting vibe to the remix.

Fitting then that It’s Just Me and You is almost the mantra for the Backbone Label.

That of a continuing legacy promoting original and free flowing creativity to get the

best for any given song, whatever the artist, whatever the mood for a new generation.

Enjoy it and join me in welcoming back Soops, aka DJ Supreme.


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Already spinning all around the world and supported by Clubland FM, Billboard, JOY FM, Maxdance UK, XAM FM Japan, Passion FM London, Westside Radio London, Kiss FM Chicago, Freek FM UK, Sunshine Live Germany, Matchbox Radio 24 FM UK, MX Radio France and more.



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