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CimplyDan kicked off the new year with the release of “Weekend” last month. “Weekend” is a hype, up-tempo Hip-Hop/Rap anthem. CimplyDan returns with a new single, “Cupids AK,” just in time to close out the month of love. “Cupids AK” is a departure from the bouncy “Weekend” and is more akin to his well-known style of music: sleek, melodic, laidback, and smooth.

“Cupids AK” is about how CimplyDan feels like the modern-day Cupid. CimplyDan utilizes and delves into the mythological story of Cupid. “Essentially, even though your ‘superior’ tells you to do something, you still have a choice – just because someone says/tells you something, you’re in control of your own actions,” CimplyDan explains. With his life rapidly evolving, he's overcoming roadblocks and dealing with other individuals’ perspectives changing about him. CimplyDan states: “The song also represents that anything I say, people just do now or ‘fall in love with it.’ I just give them a piece (shoot them) and they’re mine.”

“Cupids AK,” of course, wouldn’t be named properly without touching on the topic of love and relationships. CimplyDan details how one girl, in particular, has opened up to him and is forever in his favor. During the course of the track, CimplyDan expresses how this is a normal occurrence. “What's that, who's next, let me go. Tryna get paid for the days that I stayed.” This particular lyric, within “Cupids AK,” describes the overall vibe of the track. Broken down, the lyric describes how CimplyDan’s always moving forward to the next step and he's pushing to make up for the lost time. Even though he's still in limbo of giving up or moving forward, he knows there's only one choice and that's progression.

“Cupids AK,” on the surface, seems like a simple love song, but it is jam packed with plenty of meaning and messages. CimplyDan enlisted his go-to producer, Anomalia, to produce the record. CimplyDan effortlessly rides on the vibey, Spanish guitar laced beat. Fans who simply can’t get enough of CimplyDan ought to rejoice as CimplyDan has a whopping 20+ singles planned for release this year with a single dropping every 2-3 weeks. The talented, rising emcee is ready to dominate 2022 and show the world that he’s Cimply the best in the game.


CimplyDan is a Florida-based rapper, vocalist, and songwriter. What started as CimplyDan’s hobby, soon consumed his life. His music is a reflection of his experiences, encounters, and views. CimplyDan draws inspiration and his sound from his Persian heritage and various genres: Country, Electronic, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, and R&B/Soul. CimplyDan's single, "Through the Night," reached #7 on the UK iTunes R&B chart and #92 on the UK iTunes chart overall. CimplyDan has also been featured in countless media outlets such as Rolling Stones IN, BroadwayWorld, Cliché Magazine, and The Hype Magazine. CimplyDan simply isn’t slowing down. Fans of CimplyDan can rejoice as CimplyDan has a whopping 20+ singles planned for release this year with a single dropping every 2-3 weeks, so stay tuned as CimplyDan dominates the game in 2022.

February 25, 2022 8:27am ET by M.E.I. Recordings  

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