Pioneering pianist Jiří Horák makes his Mellotron debut

A True Inspirational of Exquisite Proportions


Mellotron Records

Through trials and tribulations, art school and restaurants, Jiří Horák has successfully made a name for himself as one the most ambitious and talented classical composers of the modern age. From more traditional solo piano pieces to romantic, string infused scores, Jiří’s goal has always been the same, to write, play and inspire to the very best of his ability; and his latest single does more than just showcase his natural talent for elegant song writing.

‘Succor’ is an emotional, delicate & graceful composition that perfectly illustrates the narrative & meaning behind its title. Telling the story of kindness without question, ‘Succor’ beautifully tells us to help those in need wherever possible, and it’s hard to not feel persuaded to do so after experiencing this tender masterpiece.

With an inspirational melodic piano and moving violin accompaniment, ‘Succor’ is a simply sublime score that is so easy to enjoy, immerse yourself in and fall in love with. Its eloquent pacing and the humbling, warming feeling you get from experiencing its beauty makes it incomparable to anything the young innovator has written before.

With unquestionable talent and exquisite songwriting in his fingertips, Jiří Horák is certainly on the path to greater things, so out of the kindness of your own heart allow him into yours.

Jiří Horák 'Succor' is out now from all digital stores; including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

May 8, 2019 9:08am ET by Mellotron Records  


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