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Smooth rapping wordsmith, Leol is back with another dynamic, rhythmically seductive track; Savages. Listen here: https://amzn.to/3ECARTP

This track was inspired by a trip to a Gentlemen’s Club where Leol sought to capture the essence of the “art of untamed seduction with their hypnotic dance moves”. When Leol was asked about the theme of Savages, he reflected; “The track serves as a catalyst for all to embrace their fierce and carnal alter ego while releasing all inhibitions.” It joins an already impressive catalog of other elegant tracks revolving on that carnal attraction we feel as humans. However, Savages seems to capture this imagery a little better as Leol uses his rich metaphor of the savages in us all as we embrace the lack of inhibition when the lights go down, and the dancer hits the stage. Utilizing his sultry voice to mesmerize his audience, Leol employs a staccato signing structure, coupled with his clear and on-point rap, and we have a vocal harmonization that fills the listening space with clarity and fullness. As each stanza generates tension, Leol opens up his vocal range to hit higher than expected notes, which really builds that tension. As he resolves each cadence, he falls back into that comfortable vocal melody that compliments his rap.

These high notes not only showcase Leol’s vocal range, they clearly demonstrate their innate talent as he keeps each of these overtones perfectly in key. As each stanza explores multiple musical concepts both melodically and lyrically, pay special attention to the syncopated kick drum as it fades out slowly leaving an ambiance of bass, instead of the typical snap kick we have become accustomed to. This works really well, as Leol incorporates this drawn-out bass to help shape his lyrical phrases.

Overall, Savages is a very enjoyable track. The rich use of brilliant singing coupled with a more aggressive rap really captures the overall feel of the theme presented, and I believe this has all the makings of a popular hit. Its clever hook and infectious choruses mixed with elegant and sultry melodies make this a perfect fit for radio, (without the expletive language, of course). From a production standpoint, Savages is well-executed. The bass and percussion cover the entire bottom end with a funk worthy of a club release, while the high ends are captured professionally, allowing all the upper frequencies to play out distortion-free at high volumes. For the presented subject matter, Leol has released a mature and highly professional offering. Capturing the raw emotion and the underlying carnal essence of a gentlemen’s club while staying in the artistic groove has allowed this track to become a success. I expect Leol will be garnering plenty of attention with this offering, as Savages really is art over substance.

Savages is available now here: https://amzn.to/3ECARTP

November 1, 2021 10:02pm ET by MTS Management Group  

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