Tuned Global Powers Up Fantasy Record Label App FanLabel

Tuned Global managing ingestion and content delivery from major and indie labels

Millions of tracks with enriched metadata being processed via Tuned Global’s automated content delivery system

Concurrently with Tuned Global’s backend revamp, FanLabel experiencing a growth rate of 20-30%


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13 May 2021, Sydney & New York: B2B music streaming technology specialist Tuned Global has recently signed an agreement with pioneering fantasy record label app FanLabel and is now providing platform services including music ingestion, delivery and rights holder royalty reporting. The music gamification start-up’s stakeholders include all three majors.

Tuned Global has facilitated FanLabel’s migration from their previous backend technology provider – in 10 days – whilst delivering access to millions of tracks from participating labels, including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment with enriched metadata and territorial rights. Tuned Global will also report stream usage on a monthly basis to record labels, publishers, MLC and PROs on FanLabel’s behalf.

Using its automated content delivery and ingestion system, INTAGA, Tuned Global provides its clients with instant catalogue updates on new releases, takedowns and re-deliveries. “Timely releases are critical in our industry, as it directly impacts our user retention and engagement. While we had some challenges in the past, Tuned Global has been meeting expected timelines which give us more confidence moving forward ”, said Jeff Sloan, Founder and CEO of FanLabel.

FanLabel invites its users to become a music mogul and grow a successful fantasy record label by identifying the next hit songs. The service enables fans to discover new music and achieve a deeper connection with their existing favourite artists. Con Raso CEO Tuned Global added, “We love the concept behind FanLabel, how they entertain fans and support established and emerging artist promotion in an innovative way. Their requirements were different from the usual streaming services we assist, but with the flexibility of our music APIs we were able to meet their expectations out-of-the-box.”

Following the recent launch of V5.0, the FanLabel app now features quicker gameplay and a range of new challenges and contests. Concurrently with the Tuned Global revamp, FanLabel has experienced a growth rate of 20-30%, in addition to improved retention rates as well as an increase in downloads, registrations, engagements.

Jeff Sloan, Founder and CEO of FanLabel added, “In the short time we have been working with Tuned Global, we have found them to be an invaluable partner. Their quality and service level is amazing, they were highly cost-effective for us as a start-up and the technology really works. All the important metrics of registrations, engagements and downloads continue heading in the right direction and moving forward, we look forward to substantial scale and growth with them.”


About Tuned Global

Tuned Global is a 360º B2B music streaming technology partner that helps to quickly launch and grow streaming services around the world. The company develops simple, fast and engaging streaming platforms. Its full turnkey solutions incorporate music content expertise, cloud-based technology, licensor reporting, branded app, music APIs, marketing capabilities, billing and licensing consulting.

Tuned Global has already delivered wide consumer engagement using the power of music in countries across the globe, working with Telcos, enterprises and start-ups. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Warner Music Group, UFC, Universal Music Group, Line Music, Pizza Hut, Samsung, True Digital Group and many others have already trusted what they do.

About FanLabel

FanLabel is a music gamification platform owned in part by the major record labels that enables music fans to enjoy great music and fun Fantasy Contests and Challenges as they operate their own fantasy record label in the FanLabel app. Players pick the songs and artists they think will rise on the contest charts and shoot for the top spot on the leaderboards. Ultimately, fans become promoters and influencers as they play, discover and promote the songs and artists they've signed to their virtual label.

Fans earn virtual Royalties based on song and artist performance and promotional activity with the goal of climbing the leaderboard. FanLabel monetises those virtual Royalties in the FanLabel Marketplace, where users can combine Royalties with real cash to purchase artist merchandise, event tickets and more.

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