Multi-platinum selling band DNCE have announced details of their brand new single ‘Kissing Strangers’, released Friday 14th April.

The track, featuring rap superstar Nicki Minaj, follows previous hits ‘Body Moves’, ‘Toothbrush’, and the double platinum breakout smash ‘Cake By The Ocean’, which was #1 on the UK Airplay Charts for four consecutive weeks. To date, the video has had over 256 million views. The song was a certified smash at radio, becoming one of the most played songs of last year. Internationally, 'Cake By The Ocean' reached Top 10 on iTunes in over 10 countries and has generated over 534 million streams on Spotify worldwide.

DNCE - formed of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle - had an incredible 2016. Aside from releasing their self-titled debut album, the band also performed sold out shows across the globe as well as picking up the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. With the release of ‘Kissing Strangers’, 2017 looks set to follow suit.

The news of the new single comes as DNCE’s Joe Jonas has spoken to Something About magazine about finding it hard to perform personal songs, what he feels he brings to the band and how the music he produces with DNCE is different to anything he’s released before as he covers their latest issue.

On finding it hard to perform personal songs:
“It can sometimes be uncomfortable, but you know that this could be a fan’s favourite song or it could have gotten them through something. That’s at least what you hope for. I’ve caught these eyes of certain fans on this tour. I could tell that was their song - maybe that was their break-up song. That’s the beauty of music - you can find a way to relate with artists and fans.”

On pushing the band’s debut album back due to successful singles:
“At first we were frustrated because we didn’t like to see the reaction of the fans being bummed out that we were putting the album back. It’s hard to explain that it’s a good problem. If my favourite band said that, I would probably just say, ‘Oh you guys aren’t ready’ or, 'The album doesn’t sound good’. But it started to become a joke for us. We’d look at each other and be like, ‘Hey, guess what guys? The album’s been pushed back again’. It got pushed back five or six times. We were joking around like, ‘Are we gonna leak this?’ But it’s a good thing and we all look back and we’re all so thrilled with how well the songs did and we’re riding that wave.”

On how the music he makes with DNCE is different to his previous releases:
“I would say that this was the first time that I really got to take free time with making this album. Usually you’re kind of rushed into a box of a few weeks or a month or two. This was the first time that we really got to spread it out through touring and grow as a band musically and really be selective with the type of songs and music that we want to put in there. It felt like it was brand new again. I think we all felt this new excitement and I think that’s what we’re going to try and continue with our next album.” 

On what he feels he has learnt from his time in the music industry so far:
"I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to look up and enjoy every minute. It can fly by so fast, like it did for ten years. I remember a lot of it, but I was on Jimmy Fallon last night and we were showcasing photos through the years. He was like, ‘Do you remember this photo?’ and I was like, ‘I have no idea’. It’s not always easy, with the bigger stuff it’s important to look up and say ‘Wow, I get to do this for a living’ and that’s what it’s all about for us.” 

On why he prefers to be in a band rather than a solo artist:
“It can be pretty stressful and overwhelming, and I think there’s a lot more competition when you’re solo. I’ve always felt comfortable being surrounded by really talented, hard-working individuals and I’ve been lucky to meet three of them again in my life who love this and work just as hard as me, and also have just as much fun. That’s key for us.” 

On new DNCE music:
“We’ve been working on lots of new music. We don’t have a set idea of when and what we’re going to release because we’re still vibing on this first record, but we’ve been excited to get something out there and continue to create. On tour it’s hard to find studio time and our few days off we end up passing out. But it’s not too far away that people will be able to hear new stuff.” 

For more, visit the Something About website.

DNCE’s new single ‘Kissing Strangers’ featuring Nicki Minaj will be released this Friday, April 14th.

DNCE’s self-titled debut studio album is available to buy now.

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