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(January 17, 2024) Pasadena Records announces the release of “Let’s Rewild The World,” the new song from Danish-Japanese artist IDA KUDO, available everywhere today, January 17, 2024.

“Let’s Rewild The World” is the second track to be released from KUDO’s upcoming EP ‘Proud,’ due on April 19, 2024 via a joint venture with U.S.-label Pasadena Records and Denmark’s Nordic Music Society.

IDA KUDO, who grew up in Denmark with a Danish father and Japanese mother, draws inspiration from her ethnic roots, blending Eastern mystique with Scandinavian precision. She is a graduate of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and BIMM in London.

KUDO’s early music, marked by a fusion of tribal-inspired electronic beats and Eastern undertones, captured significant attention, starting with her self-titled debut EP in 2015.

KUDO’s new single “Let’s Rewild The World” is the latest song to be released from her forthcoming EP release ‘Proud’ on Pasadena Records, following up the introductory track “The Power That Is Woman”.

Listen HERE:

“We control and tame for profit gain, modern life. Will conformity silence me ’til I die? Dangerous comfort…”

Taking a musical cross-genre path with attitude, distortion and beat-heavy verses, KUDO tackles a weighty message in “Let’s Rewild The World”: The Western world has lost its identity by compromising itself and its values. The deep values our society stands on, such as democracy, freedom of speech and human worth, are being diluted as the money machine levels and standardizes our thinking in the name of comfort and capitalism. The wild element in us; to act on our deeper emotions and conscience, is numbed and tamed, and we forget what it means to be human.

Writing and collaborating with award-winning British music producer Andrew Hunt, IDA KUDO creates a unique Scandinavian-Asian sound with a British touch in the production. The result is an eclectic mix embracing hip-hop attitude, ‘50s orchestration and backing vocals that range from graceful harmonies to chanting tribal choirs. It's vibrant yet subtle and full of feminine power and strength akin to artists such as St. Vincent, Fiona Apple and Kimbra.

IDA KUDO delivers a sophisticated musical offering with intricate grooves, memorable songs, and powerful statements on her upcoming EP ‘Proud'. This project reflects her concern for societal issues and a desire for deeper values and inner freedom while continuing her tradition of blending diverse cultural influences.

“We live in a modern age where we’re becoming more and more detached from ourselves and from nature, slowly disconnecting with whom we really are and what we really stand for. I want people to wake up. The songs are a call to face the inner struggles, to stand up for our integrity instead of being dulled into conformity and seeking the easier choice," says IDA KUDO.

IDA KUDO has earned a reputation internationally with her explosive energy and unique sound. KUDO has performed on prestigious stages, including the UHØRT! Festival, Cph Distortion, and the Copenhagen Pride Festival. Beyond her native Denmark, she has toured throughout the UK and Europe, even sharing a stage with Sting in Austria. International airplay support includes BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, Danish national radio, as well as radio in Germany and France. Previous releases (‘Gold', 'Jinx' and 'Wolf’) have been used in several TV series, including Netflix's 'Selling Sunset' and in international campaigns including Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Facebook, Riott Games and Audi.


Pasadena Records/Nordic Music Society
Release date: April 19, 2024
Music and lyrics: IDA KUDO and Andrew Hunt
Producer: Andrew Hunt
Mix: Andrew Hunt

January 17, 2024 4:40pm ET by Pasadena Records  


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