R&B Artist x Reiki Healer Brandon Vee Releases Therapeutic Album "Revolution Of The Soul"

Soulful Hip-Hop Artist Brandon Vee shares inspirational new music that taps into human connection.


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At the crossroads of Hip-Hop and Funk is where we find emerging singer-songwriter Brandon Vee and his new album, "Revolution Of The Soul." This 7-track project reinforces themes of self-love, internal conflict, mental health, and the challenges that comes along with facing these subjects. The word "revolution" refers to the never-ending change occurring all around us and inside our souls as human beings. Through this new music, Brandon aims to highlight that revolutions and love are similar, both at times seeming like an uphill battle filled with frustration and yearning for light. "A revolution can be translated to feel like war occurring within our hearts and souls... Healing isn't linear and turmoil is inevitable on the path to light, but what matters most is embracing the walls one has to climb to escape from the darkness," says Brandon Vee.

Brandon is a mental health advocate and a certified Reiki Healer, investing time and passion into his body, soul, music, and the environment. After battling depression for several years and eventually overcoming it, Brandon has shifted his focus to self-love and healthy habits that both energize and inspire him to create therapeutic music. Brandon's songs are intended to encourage listeners to believe in themselves through positive yet empathetic messaging. "Revolution Of The Soul" acts as a reminder that we all contain the internal power to create beauty from what life has given us, even in the darkest of times.


Brooklyn, NY native Brandon Vee fuses the energy of hip-hop with the classic melodies of R&B and Jazz to create a funk-inspired aura and sound. Brandon started his lyrical journey at the young age of 10 when he started writing poetry to express complex feelings of heaviness and discomfort. Brandon continues to use music as a medium of self-discovery and healing intertwining the boundaries of his own worldly perspectives with personal growth. Brandon Vee creates a unique and powerful sound with his music, carrying listeners through storylines of spirituality, introspection, and self-discovery. Vee draws inspiration from diverse yet legendary artists such as J. Cole, Childish Gambino, and Funkadelic. In 2022, Brandon Vee performed alongside famous artists such as Meg The Stallion, Denzel Curry, EarthGang, and more, inspiring him to showcase his new music on a live platform more often. Brandon is dedicated to themes of challenge and healing within his newest album, "Revolution Of The Soul" which released on April 28th, 2023.

April 28, 2023 9:29am ET by PressedFresh Collective  

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