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"Their commitment to the bit is as courageous as it is outrageous” - Pitchfork

“The Liberace of fantasy pop music” - Dazed

“Pop visionary and scene-maker” – Paper

“challenge ideals of masculinity and break down gender stereotypes” – Gay Times

“Undeniably extravagant” – Billboard

Gender fluid popstar Dorian Electra (pronouns: they/them/theirs) delivers the ultimate summer bop and accompanying video with “Daddy Like” - out now. Watch here.

This pride party anthem is the second single from Electra’s upcoming debut album “Flamboyant”, out July 17th.

Daddy Like” was created in an organic writing session in Las Vegas, which is an out of character approach for Electra’s usual essay like, analytical style of songwriting. Co-written by Electra, Mood Killer and Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen) and produced by experimental pop producers Dylan Brady and ABSRDST, the track delivers the ultimate upbeat summer bop perfect for Pride month.

Shattering stereotype traditions, “Daddy Like” presents a unique queer twist on the traditional “daddy” narrative as it is sung from the perspective of a flirty and supportive sugar daddy. Electra’s creation of a sweet and supportive sugar daddy character portrays an empowering message to sugar babies and sex workers.

The track is accompanied by a killer music video, literally, with the death of “Daddy” referencing Electra’s signature smashing-something-over-their-head move, this time a tombstone. The sugar babies, dressed in a mixture of BDSM and classic funeral attire, revive “Daddy”. Co-directed and edited by long-time collaborator Weston Allen, the video features subtle links to previous single “Career Boy” with Electra’s role of a corporate daddy in a press conference.

Speaking on the track Electra states: “I wanted to make a fun party track that anybody could listen to and feel like they could be a ‘daddy'. You don’t have to have tons of money, or be an attractive older man. Daddy is a state of mind. The song came about super organically at our album writing camp after Dylan Brady played me the instrumental and I was super into it and was like ‘Oooh… daddy like!’ and then we were like 'whoa… that should totally be the name of the song!' So we pretty much instantly had the chorus, but in crafting the rest of the lyrics with Mood Killer and Bonnie, we wanted to be really careful to maintain a positive, feel-good message and actually take into account the realities and complexities of sugar daddy relationships in a way that was respectful, fun, and empowering.

"So many people in the queer art and music world do or have done sex work in order to support themselves financially and fund their work (myself and other collaborators included) and yet there is still such a stigma against it. Especially in a culture where the aesthetics of stripper fashion, BDSM are co-opted and commercialized, I think it’s important to actively try to de-stigmatize sex work in whatever ways we can.”

"Daddy Like" follows on from “Flamboyant”, a track that takes on the ideals of masculinity by shaping and breaking stereotypes and has seen success after reaching 460+ views on YouTube, with a colourful and punchy video. Last year saw Dorian support the world-renowned feminist collective, Pussy Riot on their first ever US tour. More recently Dorian has gained a queer cult following and has led them to be recognised as a revolutionary talent by critics across the world.

To celebrate the release of “Daddy Like”, Electra is hosting a release party in Miami for fans and press, as well as playing 8 major US Pride shows in June to promote the single including the first ever Go West Fest, an LGBTQ+ festival curated and co-hosted by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
6/6/19 Los Angeles Go West Fest
13/6/19 Minneapolis PRIDE
22/6/19 Miami Wynwood Pride
22/6/19 Houston Pride Houston
28/6/19 Brooklyn LadyLand Festival
29/6/19 Seattle Queer/Pride Festival
30/6/19 Chicago Back Lot Bash
14/7/19 San Diego San Diego Pride

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