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On World Mental Health Day, Rock Choir, the largest contemporary choir in the world, announce that they will release a Christmas single to support the Mental Health Foundation and help raise awareness of mental health.


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Thousands of Rock Choir Members from across England, Wales and Scotland will come together as one choir for the FIRST time since lockdown began to record their vocals on a national Christmas single of a very special Rock Choir version of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’. Rock Choir Members and the team of Rock Choir Leaders from over 400 UK towns and communities along with Rock Choir’s vocalist, inspirational Creator and Founder Caroline Redman Lusher will all take part in the single which will be released on Friday 11th December.

With the world experiencing an unprecedented health emergency, the mental health of millions has been impacted. Rock Choir is best known for its unique, powerful and uplifting formula which allows its Members to experience a natural high when they take part in a rehearsal or event. The Rock Choir Team and Members are delighted that the Christmas Single will help to raise crucial awareness for the Mental Health Foundation.

The Sunday Times once quoted ‘Rock Choir has become the biggest National Cultural Movement of the decade’ and they were not wrong! Since then it has inspired hundreds of amateur and contemporary choirs to start singing and has changed the musical landscape of the country in turn becoming the largest contemporary choir in the world!

When Covid-19 hit the UK, Rock Choir became even more of a vital life-line as fear, panic and confusion swept the country and choirs were silenced. With a record speed turn around, the Rock Choir Team quickly adapted and moved their Membership to a virtual online experience. They provided an essential routine in lockdown, ensuring communities stayed connected and could continue to sing. The team also focussed on and created a new platform to support and nurture the invaluable and special friendships in Rock Choir allowing them to continue and remain connected. It was vital that the Rock Choir Members or ‘Rockies’ as they are fondly referred to, could feel supported and cared for reflecting the original ethos and family culture of Rock Choir.

During lockdown, the invitation to take part in their feel-good uplifting singing sessions was opened up to the wider public when Rock Choir pledged to run a FREE daily live singing session via their FB Page throughout the entire period. The whole of the UK was encouraged to join in. 106 consecutive days of their daily sessions reached over 5 million views.

In May this year and as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the Rock Choir Team hosted a 24-hour back to back music and well-being online event called ‘Rock Choir 24’, which raised over £45,000 for the Mental Health Foundation. It’s a well-known fact that singing improves people's well-being by building their self-confidence, self-esteem and in turn improving their mental and general health. Supporting Mental Health Awareness continues to be a priority for Rock Choir.

Mark Rowland, CEO of the Mental Health Foundation says, “We are delighted that Rock Choir is releasing their own version of ‘Keeping the Dream Alive’ and supporting good mental health for all. We are very excited to hear the single and hope that, as it’s coming out at Christmas, it has a shot of becoming that elusive number one! Music is great for our mental health; both listening to it and playing or singing which is why Rock Choir are such a great fit for us. We love knowing that people all around the country are taking part.”

The Christmas single is a wonderful way to bring all the Members together as one choir. The sincerity and emotion of the words reflect the current situation we all find ourselves in and how we need to keep our dreams alive. With choirs all over the world temporarily silenced, it only made the Rock Choir Team more determined than ever to look after their Members and

keep them singing. The inspirational message of hope is evident in the single’s narrative and the magic that only Rock Choir can produce will leave listeners with no doubt that the Members’ voices are louder and stronger than ever.

Founder and Creator of Rock Choir, Caroline Redman Lusher, comments –

“The lyrics in the song are extremely relevant to arts and entertainment at the moment; “The game will never be over, because we’re keeping the dream alive”. It’s been one of the hardest hit industries this year and everyone is desperate to find a positive and successful way forward to allow music and singing to take its place in society again. Singing brings a sense of community and togetherness with a power to uplift and heal individuals. It shouldn’t be taken for granted.

As we begin our physical trial rehearsals, we hope that it won’t be long until we can get our Members back together across the country safely again. The Christmas single will unite us all and reinforce why Rock Choir is so very special for the UK. The mental health and well-being of our Membership is central to everything we do in Rock Choir so the whole project is perfect. We are also bringing the Rock Choir sparkle to Christmas this year and I am so proud of everyone taking part and delighted to be once again joining forces with the Mental Health Foundation.”

‘Keeping the Dream Alive’ will be released on Friday 11th December and will be available on all major streaming platforms. Caroline Redman Lusher, the Founder and Creator of Rock Choir will be available for interview as well as Regional Rock Choir Leaders from across the UK.

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October 8, 2020 8:00pm ET by Louise Harris PR  

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