London singer/songwriter, Freeman, flings open his windows to the Portobello Road with free live music, entertainment and chat to relieve the stress of these isolating times

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Portobello Road has become a virus-beating hub of music, as London musician, Charlie Freeman*, flings open his rock-pad windows to perform free live music, to those across the world, as he launches his Portobello Window Sessions. Freeman is streaming a live weekly entertainment show through Facebook for self-isolaters, whilst social-distancers are entertained with live daily music from Freeman’s actual,window which looks out onto the Portobello Road. Plus, Freeman’s Rock n Roll Rolls Royce will be seen on the streets as he personally provides music to those stuck at home. Freeman wants you to ‘clap’ in support, if you see him roll by.

“I live on The Portobello Road, with windows looking out over the beating hub of market-traders and passers-by. I just had to do something to inject hope and that good-old British spirit into the Portobello community during these coronavirus times,” comments Freeman. “So, every lunchtime, I’m be flinging open my virtual windows at 1pm, and showering the people of Portobello Road with virus-busting music to keep them going. For those self isolating in their homes, I’m also broadcasting a live weekly entertainment show on Facebook live, collating messages of love and live sessions from people all over the world as part of the show.”

And, Freeman invites you all to join in, as he appeals for everyone to send in Instagram messages, videos and entertainment clips, so that he can share them with the world during his weekly show. Freeman will be wrapping his own home with positive messages and personally collecting band members in his Rolls Royce each week, so that everyone is safely shielded from the virus.

“Watch out for the rock n roll Rolls Royce on the streets everyone, I want everyone to clap your hands if you see me drive by. I’ll be hosting exciting skype interviews and chats too,” says Freeman. “In these isolating, worrying times, it’s vital that we all pull together and stay together; that’s what the Portobello Window Sessions, coming to you live from my House of Rock, are all about.”

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FREEMAN’s creative work doesn’t stop at music, as his acting career began in mid-2017 and includes a starring role in QIYI (Chinese Netflix) film, Chinatown Cannon, as well as lead roles in short films Defector and A Friend in Need. Two of his songs were included in Chinatown Cannon; the success of the film has led to a 26-day tour of China (which will be rescheduled due to the coronavirus) via one of China’s leading tour promoters, Magic Sounds.

FREEMAN’S international endeavours also include offers for tours in Brazil, Cuba (where he lived as a teenager), potentially acting as a support band on an extensive tour of Germany, and an interest in touring the U.S. All of which will rock n roll post coronavirus times.

FREEMAN continues to craft “heartfelt, charming... tracks that are warm, cozy and sweet with some swagger and fun thrown in to keep you singing along and bopping between the emotional tears.” (Indie Buddie) Stay tuned for more from FREEMAN, leading up to LOVE’s release and more exciting announcements throughout 2019 and beyond.

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