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To play London & Pitchfork Paris Avant-Garde next month

Stunning stop-motion visual to accompany "Film it All" from the highly praised new album



Stereo Sanctity

“A powerful artistic statement.” - **** MOJO

“If Youth Lagoon could be introverted and adolescent, ‘Mulberry Violence’ is similarly self-lacerating but more mature, more worldly.” - Loud and Quiet

“It’s challenging, but worth it.” - Electronic Sound

“Otherwordly territory…. Trevor Powers takes all of his tools and creates a whole new and expansive dimension for himself.” - Crack Magazine

“Sombre piano, skittish misfiring loops, murky bass lines, and scatter-shot beats are submerged under an unsettling vibe, while Trevor’s vocals range from a gentle embrace to barbarous and primitive shouts.” - **** DIY

“It’s an entirely complex, enjoyable entity full of twists and turns, with perfectly balanced experimental design and intense musicality, nuanced and bombarding, unravelling deeply like a magic eye picture.” – Aesthetica

“All of the bleeding, shrieking noises are undergirded by rich chords, and Powers drops little moments of untouched beauty for us to get our breath.” - 7.4, Pitchfork

"An ideal introduction to Powers's eerie and disorientating record, rooted in his piano playing but boasting an other-worldly quality" - The Fader

“Mulberry Violence makes it clear that he has the artistic scope and emotional depth to take full advantage of the opportunities he has given himself, and the versatility to keep things very interesting.” - PopMatters

Following the recent release of his debut album, ‘Mulberry Violence,’ on own label Baby Halo, Trevor Powers today shares a beautifully animated video for album track, “Film It All”.

Dropping a month ahead of European live dates that take in a London headline show on October 30th and Pitchfork Paris Avant-Garde on October 31st, the stop-motion video was brought to life by celebrated animator Steve Warne (IMDB).

Speaking on the video, Warne comments: “The concept grew out of some thoughts Trevor shared about the song - the pervasiveness of camera technology and the general unease he was feeling about what is going on in the world right now. I really liked how much contrast there is in the song, the fragility and beauty of the opening colliding with the abrasiveness of the chorus and I wanted to find a way to represent this visually whilst still having a simple narrative gluing it all together. The idea of a character using a camera as a kind of weapon and these fragile, kind of beautiful images becoming abstracted and messed up seemed like a simple way to reflect the overall sentiment of the song.”

Watch the video for “Film It All” here:

Trevor Powers (born March 18, 1989 in San Diego, CA) is an American musician, producer, and composer based in Boise, ID. He began recording music in 2011, releasing a trilogy of albums under the moniker Youth Lagoon before announcing the end of the project in 2015. While taking crash courses in classical theory, jazz, and ancient modes throughout the time that followed, Powers started making music experiments inspired by the visual works of artists such as Francis Bacon, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and Harry Clarke. Lining his walls in crude print-outs of pictures, he found graphic saturation helped inform the social and spiritual themes of his music.

For two years, Powers crafted his own library of sounds, grotesque and bewitching, to serve as the backbone to the poetry he had been writing while traveling between Europe, Asia, and the United States. Embracing a combination of noise, beauty, and mercurial avant-pop atmospheres, he began molding these experiments into songs highlighting the intersection of unity and chaos, nightmares, and the invisible forces at war within the human self.

Retreating to Tornillo, Texas, Powers brought his songs and a handful of contributors to Sonic Ranch, a residential studio complex in the middle of a 2,300 acre orchard, to record Mulberry Violence - the debut album under his birth name. The six-week tracking process consisted of fusing together and manipulating elements recorded over the previous two years with textures, arrangements, and programming created at the ranch. The album was mixed in Los Angeles by frequent Beyoncé collaborator Stuart White.

'Mulberry Violence' is now on Baby Halo. Listen to/buy it here:

‘Mulberry Violence’ tracklist:

01 XTQ Idol
02 Dicegame
03 Pretend it’s Confetti
04 Clad In Skin
05 Playwright
06 Film It All
07 Squelch
8. Ache
9. Plaster Saint
10 Common Hoax

Trevor Powers live dates:

Sep 26 Boise, ID Neurolux
Sep 27 Seattle, WA Barboza
Sep 28 Vancouver, BC Biltmore Cabaret
Sep 29 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
Oct 01 San Francisco, CA Independent
Oct 03 Los Angeles, CA Lodge Room
Oct 05 Salt Lake City, UT Metro Music Hall
Oct 06 Denver, CO Lost Lake
Oct 08 Kansas City, MO Encore at Uptown
Oct 09 Omaha, NE The Slowdown
Oct 11 Minneapolis, MN Turf Club
Oct 12 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Oct 13 Detroit, MI Underground @ DIME
Oct 14 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern
Oct 16 Boston, MA Great Scott
Oct 17 Brooklyn, NY National Sawdust
Oct 18 Philadelphia, PA Boot and Saddle
Oct 19 Washington, DC U Street Music Hall
Oct 30 London, UK Electrowerkz
Oct 31 Paris, FR - Pitchfork Avant-Garde
Nov 01 Amsterdam, NL Cinetol
Nov 02 Antwerp, BE Trix

September 19, 2018 12:49pm ET by Stereo Sanctity  

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