Guided By Voices Share "Man Called Blunder," New LP "Surrender Your Poppy Field" Out 2/20

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"A fuzzed-out, pure GBV piece of work with wailing guitars and characteristic avant-garde lyrics" - Rolling Stone

Guided By Voices shared their second single, "Man Called Blunder" off of their upcoming LP, Surrender Your Poppy Field. The Big Takeover radio program featured the song at the top of their 5th anniversary radio show hosted by Jack Rabid.

Starting off the year with a 100-song marathon in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve, Robert Pollard set a mighty high bar for Guided By Voices in 2020. Following three acclaimed and stylistically distinct full-length albums in 2019, Surrender Your Poppy Field, is a head-spinning tour de force: a bit of everything... plus more! And hands down the most adventurous GBV album ever.

There are lo-fi four-track tape recordings, there are songs recorded with a single microphone in a basement, there are big studio fully-produced hook-laden pop songs, and there is a LOT in between.

Seemingly, the guiding concept of Surrender Your Poppy Field was to make the songs sound as different from one another as possible: sudden shifts in mood, tempo and rhythm, unexpected chord progressions, false endings and codas, string orchestrations, mysterious voices... It's an exhilarating and dizzying trip to an inventive world of strange characters: Andre the Hawk, Queen Parking Lot, the Cul-de-Sac Kids, the Hard Hitter, the Steely Dodger, the Stone Cold Moron, A Man Called Physician, A Man Called Blunder...

Not content with their usual mastery of the 4 P's (punk, pop, prog, psych) Professor Pollard pushes the envelope on Poppy Field, and continues to redefine GBV from a myriad of angles. Anyone who thinks that he's gotten complacent after 105 albums hasn't been paying attention! Don't miss out.

With the announcement of Surrender Your Poppy Field, GBV also announces spring US tour on sale this Friday, January 10th. More info below.

Guided By Voices Tour Dates:

Fri 4/3 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
Sat 4/4 - Mr. Smalls - Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 4/24 - Musikfest Cafe - Bethlehem, PA
Sat 4/25 - College Street Music Hall - New Haven, CT
Fri 5/1 - Shaky Knees Festival - Atlanta, GA
Sat 5/2 - Cat’s Cradle - Carrboro, NC
Fri 5/8 - Fremont Theater - San Luis Obispo, CA
Sat 5/9 - The Regency - San Francisco, CA
Fri 7/10 - Fine Line Music Hall - Minneapolis, MN

Rave Reviews For Recent Shows:

"A performance of peerless brilliance. 5 stars." - NME

"A simply astounding, mammoth, inspiring set from the indie rock heroes..." - Clash

"This prolific and much-loved indie-rock band bashed out an impressive sweat-soaked two-hour set of short but sweet punky songs" - The Times of London

“It was rammed, ecstatic, celebratory.” - The Quietus

“One of the finest intimate club shows this behemoth festival has ever witnessed." - Exclaim

"Guided By Voices pummel Bluesville tent at Bluesfest" - Ottawa Citizen

Surrender Your Poppy Field - Tracklisting

1. Year of the Hard Hitter
2. Volcano
3. Queen Parking Lot
4. Arthur Has Business Elsewhere
5. Cul-De-Sac Kids
6. Cat Beats A Drum
7. Windjammer
8. Steely Dodger
9. Stone Cold Moron
10. Physician
11. Man Called Blunder
12. Woah Nelly
13. Andre The Hawk
14. Always Gone
15. Next Sea Level

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