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Gen Z singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz has released her BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd (Remixes) which features guest appearances from artists including Jeremy Zucker, Rakeem Miles, ROLE MODEL & Hauskey. The release kicked off earlier today with an exclusive premiere of the “BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd” remix ft ROLE MODEL on The Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music 1 Radio.

At just 16 years old, California native Claire Rosinkranz propelled to the forefront of conversation this summer when her song “Backyard Boy” organically went viral on TikTok, inspiring over 3 million video recreations. In addition to generating over 50 million Spotify streams, the song captured #1 on the Spotify Global and U.S. Viral 50 Charts.

Independently released in June, her BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd EP quickly amassed over 70 million global streams landing her a record deal with slowplay/Republic Records.

With outlets like BuzzFeed, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Coup de Main and Genius chronicling her rapid rise, Claire Rosinkranz is poised to become one of the year’s most unexpected and significant breakout acts.

BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd (Remixes) Tracklist:
1. Backyard Boy (with Jeremy Zucker)
2. Tough Guy (with Rakeem Miles)
3. BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd (with ROLE MODEL)
4. Seriouslaaay (with Hauskey)


““Remi Wolf and Benee fans, take note of TikTok breakout Claire Rosinkranz, who will surely be your next favorite.” – Billboard
"Its hook is an absolute earworm." - Riff Magazine
"“Backyard Boy” stands out for its super catchy hook that makes you want to dance." - All Things Go

""Backyard Boy": a sweet, sun-soaked summer track that you'll want to stream again and again." - The Wild Honey Pie


Rather than presenting some unobtainable ideal, ROLE MODEL - a.k.a. Tucker Pillsbury - finds a perfect hybrid of observant hip-hop, clever pop, and cinematic alternative inside of his own personality flaws, cracks, and imperfections. With nearly 70 million total streams by 2020 and acclaim from i-D, HIGHSNOBIETY, Complex, and more, this approach consistently endears him to fans and tastemakers alike. Born and raised in Portland, ME, Tucker originally planned on pursuing a career in filmmaking, but it was during his freshman year at a film school in Pittsburgh where he discovered his passion for music. He began creating music with two of his friends in his dorm room, started watching YouTube tutorials on how to record and master his own music using Logic, writing his own songs and learning everything he could. Tucker always loved to write and spent a lot of time developing a signature style on his own. In 2017, he uploaded "Cocaine Babe" to Soundcloud and ignited a palpable buzz. "Girl In New York" organically landed on Spotify's coveted New Music Friday, and he caught the attention of Benny Blanco and Interscope Records. Early on, the late Mac Miller even reached out and expressed admiration for his music, encouraging him to keep going. ROLE MODEL's 2019 EP, oh, how perfect, popped off powered by tracks like "hello!" (13.6 million Spotify streams), "that's just how it goes" (8.8 million Spotify streams), and "notice me" [feat. BENEE] (7.5 million Spotify streams). Recently, ROLE MODEL released his sophomore project entitled our little angel, which includes previously released singles “going out” (Click HERE to watch), "blind” (Click HERE to watch), and "for the people in the back” (Click HERE to watch).

Growing up in suburban New Jersey, 24-year-old singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker has always been surrounded by music. In 2015, he released his first EP as a freshman at Colorado College pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology, and by 2017 he had signed a major label record deal with Republic Records. Since then, he has released four EP’s with breakthrough singles, such as Gold Certified singles, “talk is overrated” featuring blackbear and “all the kids are depressed,” and his biggest song to date, “comethru,” which is Platinum Certified and has surpassed over one billion streams. In 2019, he collaborated with Chelsea Cutler on brent and their Gold Certified global viral hit, “you were good to me.” This past spring, Zucker released his long-awaited debut album, love is not dying, to praise from critics and fans alike, as he recently crossed over a staggering 3.2 billion total streams across his catalogue with his latest single "supercuts."

Andy Hopkins (AKA Hauskey) writes, performs and produces his records, and whilst this heralds his first audacious steps, Hauskey has led a colourful musical life that already reads like a low-budget arthouse film script. Let’s rewind a bit. Back to Andy finding a John Coltrane record in his mom’s collection. “Naima,” he recalls, was the song that raised a cluster of epiphanies, a veritable constellation of lightbulbs dazzling over his teenage head. At thirteen he wrote his first songs. “A great song is like a great movie” he muses, “you become so engrossed in it that you ‘become it’ and forget you’re even watching a movie. That’s what good music should do too.” Andy studied at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and started his own music school. This wasn’t simply teaching the rudimentary shapes of power chords for pocket change, this was a fully functioning, fully staffed, multi-branch school with over 500 students. But despite its success, Andy was getting anxious that his path to a career in music was taking a road he hadn’t planned on taking. He picked up a few possessions and flew to London. Andy bagged himself a part time job and played as many gigs as he could manage, convincing bookers that he was about to become a Very Big Deal Indeed. Shortly after, he headed back to Australia, a little broken down perhaps, but with a steely determination not to break. Dusting himself off, he went out and bought the cheapest Toyota van he could find on Gumtree, made a few crucial adjustments and headed right back out of the city to a small rural farm where he pulled up, put the brakes on and set to writing more music from the singular comfort of that very van. All decisions made were to weave himself into this position; arrowing sonically adventurous pop music into the hearts and minds of the musically curious, and then everybody else.

Rakeem Miles has three released albums: Adderall (2015), Do They Really Love You (2016), and Action Figure Miles (2019). A multi-hyphenate artist, he wrote and produced the theme song for season two of the Adult Swim show "Gemusetto." Although his music tends to defy confinement into any one genre, it is best categorized as “Alternative Hip Hop.” His body of work uses a mix of humor and sincerity to highlight issues of mental health, addiction, and relationships. Miles aims to inspire and uplift those who may be facing struggles in life. Miles has worked with Waka Flocka and many other notable artists.

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