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Brian McShea and the Sidemen have been having an eventful summer this year with new music and live performances in California, all season long. Their latest EP, Real People, Not Actors, was released at the end of June and has been gaining traction on both Spotify and YouTube. The EP has summer anthems like “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” as well as their newest hit “Stephanie.” Their song “Stephanie” off the EP has been getting a lot of attention online, an article from NoDepression described “Stephanie” as:

“…the huge arena rock vibe of the Foo Fighters or Phish, while maintaining a really stunning personality and a somewhat ironic vibe that really makes the band stand out.”
-NoDepression, Stacey Zering

“Stephanie” is the first music video that Brian McShea and the Sidemen have released, and it’s already proving to be a huge success with over 5,000 views on YouTube within a month of release. Their song “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” has hit over 15,000 streams on Spotify as well. Both tracks prove Brian McShea and The Sidemen have what it takes to compete with the best and most popular bands out there.

“Strike up the band, you make me wanna move
Step up and dance, cuz when I see you
Staring at me, I believe
- Excerpt from “Stephanie”, written by Brian McShea

If listening to Brian McShea and the Sidemen isn’t enough, be sure to catch them all throughout Los Angeles this summer. Last week, they performed in Los Angeles at the crazy pirate-themed Redwood Bar downtown, and coming up, be sure to catch their fun and energetic performance on Sunday, August 26th at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood! Whether it is creating exciting new music, videos, or live performances, Brian McShea and the Sidemen are definitely one of the most prolific and diverse rock bands of toay.

Check out their music video for ‘”Stephanie” on YouTube ( ) Their EP, Real People, Not Actors is now streaming on Spotify ( ), iTunes ( ), and Amazon ( ).

About Brian McShea and the Sidemen: Brian McShea and the Sidemen is dedicated to creating music with a purpose. The ideas of the songs are to be about friendship, love, and relationships. Brian McShea and the Sidemen do this by combining the styles of singer/songwriter, jazz, and alternative rock with their guitars, trumpets, and drum sections.


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