Michael Push and Jordan Grace bring back the Summer!

The new single from the upcoming UK artist contains an interpolation of "Summer Is Crazy" by Alexia, number one in several European countries in 1996


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As bright and cheery as our favourite season, “Summer” shines in its trance-inspired melodies and sharply tuned drum selections. Michael Push, a Sardinia-born, London-based producer and DJ, has been releasing heavy hitters in the dance circuit since debuting over a decade ago. “Summer” follows a string of recent tracks on Soave over the last 2 years, hinting at an even more exciting 2024. Inviting singer and songwriter Jordan Grace who now boasts over 850,000 monthly listeners, the fast-paced house instrumental gets an exuberant topline that’s bound to hook you in. Make some extra, out-of-season summer memories with this colourful and shining hit!


Michael Push is building a solid foundation in dance music and has already worked with several labels worldwide. The London-based DJ producer is a skillful songwriter who writes most of his music, lyrics and melodies. Unlike many today for Michael, this is vital to staying true to his creative process; his tracks combine and move effortlessly from club to crossover with catchy hooks and thumping beats.

Since Michael broke into the mainstream in 2012 with “Freeze” on Restlyers/Disco:Wax he has collected several achievements included a #3 on MTV’s Top 10 Dance Chart between J.Lo and Madonna and a feature as new talent on “Dj Mag Italia” along with an interview.

“I Miss You”, out on Cross Records/Island, peaked at #3 on the official Music Week Club Chart and gained airplay on national radios, with Kiss Fm in the UK as the biggest supporter.

“I Can’t Stop”, out on 21HNG/Relentless, also managed to enter the Top10 on Music Week UK, peaking at #9 thanks to the heavy dj support in the country.

The following singles “First Kiss” and “Under The Cover” repeat the same formula, blending perfectly pop and house to make all dance floors move along with their catchy vocal.

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November 3, 2023 8:00am ET by White Lips  


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