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5SOS's Luke Hemmings: 'Our band didn't come out of nowhere like people seem to think'

5 Seconds Of Summer heartthrob Luke Hemmings has revealed that while people may think his band just came out of nowhere, they have been working hard together since 2011. 

During an interview with Rock Sound magazine, the pop-punker confessed that the public seem to have the impression that they burst onto the scene and achieved instant success, which is very far from the truth:

"I think from the outside... it looks like it's blown up really quickly, but it hasn't. We've done a lot of touring and we've been together for 2 or 3 years now, which is a long time for a new band to have just put a few singles out. So, it feels like 10 years that we've been together."

"I think a lot of people would be confused as to why we're in Rock Sound, understandably. We grew up as a band wanting to be like a Blink-182, Green Day band. Blink were called a boyband at the start of their career and we're as big fans of those bands as anyone."

Hemmings concluded the brief interview by admitting that they're influenced by bands like that because they want to enjoy a long career and they see how it has been achieved by their idols: "We really aspire to that - bands that grow and change with the music scene and keep their band alive."

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