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Wednesday, March 6, 2024 8:25am ET by  
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Luke Hemmings Discusses New Solo Single “Shakes”

5 Seconds of Summer vocalist Luke Hemmings will today release a new solo single, "Shakes," and he opened up about the creative process of developing it in a new interview with Billboard's Rania Aniftos.

Hemmings said: "Shakes was written like maybe a year ago at this point? It started in New York. I already had a few ideas for the album from writing on the road - a lot of it was written in hotels and planes and all the sad, boring places. So that's where a lot of it came from!"

"The chorus was written in New York and I was experimenting with pitching my voice. That's why the chorus kind of sounds like me, but it also has other layers of pitched vocals. But I was trying out stuff - experimenting with different perspectives. The first album was very, like, coming from what I - my experiences and how I see things, so I was like, let's try something else, not thinking that it would turn out to be the first single."

Speaking about his influences, Hemmings admitted he has been listening to an eclectic mix of artists lately that have helped him to shape his sound:

"I listened to a lot of The Verve, Blur, M83 and Beach House, which is where a lot of the inspiration came from. A lot of how I write for this project is pretty chaotic, so I’ll write a piece here and then won't write anything for the rest of it for nine months. It turned into a mish mash of a story but it still has that emotion and feeling."

Watch his full interview with Billboard below:

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