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Charli XCX on Beyoncé: 'Someone like that didn't exist for me when I was 12 or 13'

Charli XCX believes that Beyoncé is doing great things for the feminist movement

Chatting to BeBox recently, she explained that Beyoncé is bringing a new awareness about through her utilisation of pop culture that didn't exist when she was a teen looking up to people in music for inspiration:

"I think they are a lot more things against women, in a lot of industries, not just the music industry. There are a lot fewer female producers, even if there are female producers, like, not many people give them credit for that. You know people always question if I’m actually a songwriter and whether a lot of female artists write their own songs."

"It’s great for Beyoncé to stand in front of a huge sign that says feminism, like that’s only a good thing, because when I was like 12/13 that image wasn’t there for me in pop culture, you know, not that I was aware of. But when Beyoncé is standing in front of a sign a 12 year old girl, or guy, is going be like “oh, cool that’s what it is and Beyoncé is talking about it, it’s cool, I want to be into feminism” so that’s a great thing."

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