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Ed Sheeran on Beyoncé: 'She can really eat, and I love that in a woman'

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed that he recently went out for a bite to eat with Beyoncé and her husband, and was surprised at the amount of 'real' food she put away. 

During a new interview with Capital FM, the BRIT Award-winner explained that he went for dinner with Beyoncé and Jay Z after the Stevie Wonder tribute concert and was blown away by how much food the 'Halo' beauty ordered and actually ate:

"I went for dinner with her and Jay Z afterwards, to just a really small place. The thing I really like about it was, we ordered a bunch of fried chicken and ice cream, and it was all gone by the end of it. No-one was just ordering to say they were ordering it, and then like eating a grape kind of thing!"

Sheeran added that she must stay in shape from all the dancing she does because her appetite was impressive: "She can eat! And I love that. Because you never know how people stay in shape, and she's obviously. she dances a lot and exercises or whatever."

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Watch footage of Sheeran and Beyoncé performing together below: