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Ed Sheeran on recent vocal struggles: 'It was really scary'

British superstar Ed Sheeran has revealed that when he's travelling, his voice sometimes suffers and it can make performing quite tough. 

Speaking to Sydney's Daily Telegraph recently, the flame-haired musician explained that he struggled to sing during his recent trip down under and blames it on unavoidable factors such as air-conditioning and being on planes:

"It was scary. It was a difficult tour in that respect, a lot of air conditioning and a lot of flying dries you up... I had to be more sensible than I usually am. (Hit song) One was in there (the setlist) but because my voice went I couldn't do falsetto. It had to come out... It'll be different when I come back to Australia in December."

Earlier this month, the hitmaker took to his official Twitter page and teased details of his forthcoming new single, promising that the accompanying music video will be his most 'special' visual offering yet: "My next single from multiply is Photograph. Wait 'til you see the video, it's a special one. Very excited."

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