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Emeli Sandé: 'Bringing my music to the US is my biggest challenge this year'

Songstress Emeli Sandé has admitted that she's excited but a little daunted at trying to launch her career in America, which she will focus on in 2013.

The star recently explained that she won't be in the UK for a while and is currently on a headlining tour of the USA, and told Billboard that she's nervous at what the next few months will hold as it's a big step for any artist:

"I think my biggest challenge for this year is bringing the music over here and to the rest of Europe. The way I'm approaching it is the same way we did in the U.K."

"It's so important to build a fan base from the grass roots up and start with very small shows and a real emphasis on live music. That's what I'm doing here (in North America), just doing small shows and building naturally. You can't really force it, so I'm just trying to introduce the music slow and steady."

The 'Heaven' hitmaker added that she wants to work on new material, but really needs to focus all of her attention on touring: "I'm trying to write on the road, but I think I need to finish these tours and really sit down and dedicate some proper time to writing."

She also revealed a desire to relocate to America for a period of time while she writes and confessed that the tour means she can figure out where would be a good place to move to: "Being able to do this tour now gives me a chance to scope out each city along the way."

"I really liked Atlanta. I really like New York. I'm sure I'll work in England some more, too. I'm just so happy the people in the U.K. could really connect to the music, and I'm not abandoning them or anything like that."





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