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Niall Horan followed by "two or three hundred girls" during mall trip

The One Direction lads are getting used to life in the spotlight, but they still get shocked when hordes of fans turn up to wherever they decide to spend their days off.

Back in May, two of the group's members were mobbed during down time in New York City and heartthrob Niall Horan has now experienced a similar situation as he tried to go shopping in Atlanta, Georgia:

"The other day I wanted to go to Lids to buy a hat when we were in Atlanta. And I was in there with two security guys and I got absolutely mobbed in the mall."

"There were like, two or three hundred girls following me around the shopping center."

He added that as a celebrity, he has to be really mindful of the information he shares on social networking sites to protect his privacy:

"You have to go about it the right way. Obviously it's not just the case of 'Oh, I'm gonna go to this place for lunch.' You have to think about it for a bit. You can do all the regular things, it just becomes a struggle."

Earlier this afternoon (June 30), Horan tweeted that One Direction are finishing up a brand new song in the studio before their concert tonight:

"In the studio finishing up a song we did the other day! Then down to the venue for the tonight's show!"




Watch Horan and Styles' recent full interview on The Bert Show below: