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Niall Horan shocked at his fans' knowledge about him as he celebrates his birthday

One Direction's Niall Horan is celebrating his 19th birthday today (September 13) and expressed his astonishment at the knowledge his fans have about him earlier this morning.

Writing on his official Twitter page several hours ago, Horan thanked his 6.4 million followers for their well-wishes and revealed his shock at the fact that one of them knew the exact time of his birth because even he was unsure of the detail:

"I just woke up! im 19 wohoooo! thank you all soo much for the birthday wishes and stuff! love u. Gona havta ask my mother again..but i think i was born around this time of the like 8:15/ 8:30am."

One of his fans then told him that he was "born at 8:04" and joked "you missed it already", to which he replied: "how do u know that?"

Horan's band mate Louis Tomlinson also shared the birthday love and tweeted to him: "@NiallOfficial Happy birthday mate have a great day! Big love!"

Harry Styles added: "@NiallOfficial HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!! Hope you're having a good one. Big love .x"




Watch an interview with Horan from earlier this year below: