“Falling in Love like an 80s Movie”

She Loves No One

She Loves No One, the South Florida based electronic-indi-rock act, releases official single from her debut “To Her from Him (EP)”. The debut EP was recently released on Valentines Day (Feb. 14th) and is currently available on iTunes and other major outlets. Following up on the bubbling buzz and independent success of the delightful song, “Eve & Avery”, She Loves No One prepares to release “Falling in Love like an 80s Movie” as an official single. The independent label behind the act, Powerblast Worldwide, is banking on this song becoming a monster hit. “Falling in Love like an 80s Movie” is a fresh sounding alternative rock anthem which is reminiscent of something you would hear as a part of the score & soundtrack for a John Hughes film. The song’s chorus even references Hughes’ seminal film ‘Pretty in Pink’ and its leading lady, Molly Ringwald. The song was composed, produced and mixed by Gino Black, who co-wrote the lyrics with She Loves No One’s Chick Chelsea. This song has tremendous pop appeal and would make for wonderful closing credits material. It’s a multi-layered up-tempo ballad; which is built on beautiful piano melodies similar to Coldplay. The song builds masterfully on crunchy electric guitar riffs and arpeggio elements as well as incorporating an athematic string arrangement, which peaks with lovely sweeping crescendos. It’s a fun, vibrant and moving song, which will be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you were falling in love during the 80s, or you simply enjoy watching reruns of classic 80s films; this song will grab you.  “Falling in Love like an 80s Movie” has already garnered attention from music directors and has been optioned for licensing on two major cable networks.



Powerblast Worldwide will service College, Triple A and Alternative radio stations with physical copies of the single during the month April. The Powerblast promotions department will promote with a significant viral push as well as college campus marketing campaign.



Falling in Love like an 80s Movie” is initially available (for a limited time) as a FREE High-Quality Download on Bandcamp.com at: http://shelovesnoone.bandcamp.com/track/falling-in-love-like-an-80s-movie?permalink



Falling in Love like an 80s Movie” will be released by Powerblast Worldwide as a digital commercial single on iTunes (and other major outlets) on 4/24/2012.


To Her from Him (EP)” is available on iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/to-her-from-him-ep/id502708286



For licensing and booking inquiries:




She Loves No One can be found online at:





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