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Plan B on weight loss: 'It changed my whole aura'

'She Said' singer Plan B has revealed that shedding around 2 stone for his role in 'The Sweeney' has changed his "whole aura".

The hitmaker, who stars in the new remake of '70s cop show 'The Sweeney', explained to Men's Health magazine that losing the weight had a bigger impact on his life than he expected, and his confidence is now peaking:

"Maybe if you didn't give a s**t about your weight, no one else would. The fact is, I'm someone who gives a shit, and so losing the weight has changed my whole aura."

"When I walk into a room, I'm not paranoid about my weight any more, I'm just feeling a lot more comfortable and obviously that's an attractive thing in any human being."

Speaking about the movie, Plan B recently described it as "the hip-hop musical version of 'Crash'":

"But I don't want to call it a musical, because none of the actors start singing or dancing or anything. It's quite serious. It's just part of the films are narrated by music. If you can imagine my first record but with visuals… parts are just like a normal film, others are told by kind of music video storytelling."




The official trailer for 'The Sweeney' surfaced last month and you can watch it in full below: