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Rebecca Ferguson's shock revelation on Loose Women as she launches

Two years ago Rebecca Ferguson caused a stir on Loose Women when she suddenly collapsed on the show. Today (November 23), the star equally shocked the audience by revealing for the first time that she was abused in a children's home at the young age of eight. 

The talented singer-songwriter admitted that she felt compelled to talk about her story after Loose Women panellist Saira Khan said her late uncle had abused her when she was 13 years of age. 

Rebecca bravely said: 'I was abused in a children's home. I've never spoken about it. I've told one friend. Today, because it's a subject, I thought it's the perfect time to speak about it'.

'I think it affects a woman's esteem, how you go on to be treated by men, it has a big effect. It's very hard to have strong self-esteem. It's taken me years to build it up.

'It was something I put to the back of my mind like it wasn't there. You feel dirty like you've done something wrong.' 

Khan told her: “I’m going for counselling and I’d love you to come with me. It helps me and I think we could do it together.” 

In an attempt to support other females and help them overcome similar traumatic experiences or unrelated struggles of their own in a safe and positive space, the kindhearted star has just launched a website named today.

Her opening quote on the site reads: "Being a woman is a powerful thing and I intend to use my womanhood to change the world."

You can visit it here to join and connect with other like-minded women and share your own #superwoman story.

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