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Rihanna: 'Films are harder to make than music videos because emotion is conveyed differently'

Bajan beauty Rihanna has admitted that making a movie is considerably more difficult than filming a music video because you have to portray feelings in a very different way.

Speaking to MTV News, the 'We Found Love' songstress explained that working on her debut big-screen attempt, 'Battleship', was challenging as it was new territory for her and while she is no stranger to making mini-films to go with her hit singles it doesn't really compare creatively:

"For me, acting was a whole different world. We make mini-movies with music videos, but there's always a song track that's playing, you don't have to speak, so [with acting] you have to tell that emotion with the tone of your voice, and I have an accent, so I had to change it to a bit of an American accent for this movie, so that was different."

She also opened up about her newly-launched career as an actress and added that she could never grow tired of it because taking on a new role is like reinventing yourself entirely:

"It will always be brand-new, because it's a whole different project every time, it's a whole new person. There's nothing you can have under your belt with acting, not in my opinion, because I'm not a natural."




Watch her latest music video for 'Where Have You Been' below: