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Sam Smith reveals his biggest influences: "I've always preferred female singers to men"

‘Stay With Me’ singer Sam Smith has been discussing the artists who have had the biggest influence over his own music.

In an interview with Q magazine Smith revealed that his chief music idols have always been women.

Sam stated: “I've always preferred female singers to men.”

A particular artist who made an early impression on him was the late Amy Winehouse.

He remembered: “My dad bought Amy Winehouse's ‘Frank’ when I was 11 - hearing ‘F**k Me Pumps’ at 11, can you imagine?... That had a huge effect on me.”

He also namechecked a couple of other big voiced vocalists who made their mark: “Mainly people like Chaka Khan. And Whitney Houston. As a kid, that's who I wanted to be. I just wanted to bring The Diva.”

Yet as much as he admires those female superstars, Sam Smith is determined to remain humble: “I feel like a balloon. And I'm trying to stay tied to the bar, but I still want to go upwards. I want to go upwards. I want to float off to the stratosphere... but at the same time I don't want to forget my way back. The important thing is I've learned to stay grounded.”

Sam Smith recently divulged that he once wrote a heartfelt message to Lady Gaga that moved her to tears.

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