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Adam Lambert Sound Tech: ‘He is an amazing singer with amazing range and pitch’

One of Adam Lambert's sound technicians has opened up on working with the singer.

Gary Stokes is currently in control of the singer's monitors on tour with Queen and the tech also does Lambert's front of house sound at his solo shows.

Speaking to industry website FOH Online, Stokes said that Lambert is an "amazing" singer who in turn has "specific needs" when performing on stage.

The tech said: "He is an amazing singer and has an amazing range and pitch. I work for k.d. lang a lot, and she, too, has an amazing range and pitch. Really good singers have really good hearing! They hear subtle details more than average singers, and consequently, they have more specific needs. There’s not a static mix that will make them comfortable or happy through a whole show or even a whole song. When they go in the higher register, you need to ride a fader or EQ a bit, for example."

Speaking meanwhile about working with a performer like Lambert, Stokes said:

"He likes to work the crowd, and get them involved. He’s rare in monitor world in that he wants the full production in his ear, so I mix it just like I would if I was doing FOH [front of house], except I take the other non-vocal elements back a bit, take out some of the low-mids of instruments, and I might push up some other instrument that are a good reference for him to find his pitch. It really ends up being an FOH mix for an audience of one, with a few qualifiers thrown in.

"I can’t predict where he’s going to be and sometimes I can’t see him on this big stage with a big set, and that’s a bit dangerous!"

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