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Adam Lambert explains the differences between debut album and 'Trespassing'

Adam Lambert has opened up on the differences between his first album and his new album, 'Trespassing'.

Lambert released his debut album 'For Your Entertainment' back in 2009 off the back of appearing on American Idol.

Speaking to VEVO, the singer spoke about the differences between that album and his soon to be released 'Trespassing'. He said:

"I think the first album was kinda like me learning the ropes and getting experience, and this process on this album has me a little bit more in the driver's seat artistically."

He continued: "I think the difference between this album and the last album is that the writing process took place over a period time where I didn't have anything else going on. I was kicking it, I was hanging out back at home, I had just gotten off a six month world tour. I'd learned a lot about myself, as an artist, as a person, and about my fans, so when it came time to write new music I was able to write from the inside out, from what I wanted to say, my perspective - I wasn't being thrust very quickly in a situation."




Watch Adam Lambert speak to VEVO below: