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Adam Lambert unveils 'Never Close Our Eyes' behind-the-scenes video

Adam Lambert has treated his international fan base to a behind-the-scenes look at his forthcoming music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes'.

The chart-topping superstar unveiled the footage yesterday (May 25) and despite the fact that the clip is just under 3 minutes long, Lambert manages to explain the main concept of the offering in great detail.

Speaking to the camera, he revealed that everything in the 'Never Close Our Eyes' video is meant to be symbolic and he decided to emphasise the poignancy of the song's lyrical content:

"There's certain lyrics in the song that are really important. 'It only gets better if we want it to, we'll never close our eyes' - I interpret that as we're keeping our eyes wide open. Stay open to all possibilites, keep an open mind and an open heart to life."

Referring to the visual style of the video, he added that working around a science fiction concept was really appealing to him and he was lucky enough to enlist the help of a talented director who shared his vision:




"The one thing that I was really excited about was maybe something sort of science fiction. Something kind of New World Order, in the future. Something not of this reality."

"When we put that out there, a gentleman called Dori Oskowitz came back with an amazing treatment. This director is a really cool guy, totally on the same page as me."

Watch the exciting clip in full below: