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Kylie Minogue on albums

Australian popstar Kylie Minogue has confessed to Attitude magazine that she has regrets over her last two albums and has admitted that she wishes her records 'Body Language' and 'X' had been more "cohesive".

"I hate to have regret, because there was some amazing stuff on there, but there was a niggling voice in my head that just wished they could have been a little bit more cohesive," she quipped. "Hindsight can be a real b**ch. You go, 'God, I wish I'd been more clear-headed or thought of that or been more strong-willed', or whatever the case is."

Despite her regret, the singer did insist that she feels differently about her new LP 'Aphrodite', explaining that the record is full of "goodness".

"I don't think I've ever felt this way about an album. I feel that just a lot of goodness has gone into it. It sounds like a cereal: 'Goodness'."

'Aphrodite' is out on July 5.