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Cheryl Cole explains The Voice stage dive

Cheryl Cole has explained the extravagant entrance into her live performance on The Voice at the weekend.

The singer performed on the UK show on Saturday (May 26) and took people by surprise when she dived off a raised platform in the hands of dancers.

Speaking to the BBC, Cole said that she wanted to do something a bit more "special" than just walking down stairs.

"I knew I didn't want to take the stairs, because it doesn't feel special enough and I haven't done TV for a long time, so I said to the choreographer, 'I wanna do something a bit more daring'."

The singer said she had rehearsed the jump five times but adrenaline on the night meant she launched herself further than expected. She added:

"They actually had four guys on either side, and they were going to take the front two ones away. Thank God they didn't...with all the adrenaline I went further than I had ever anticipated."




Watch Cheryl Cole stage dive on The Voice below: