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Florence Welch suffers "weird impulses" when performing live

Florence + The Machine's ethereal frontwoman has revealed that during live television performances she often suffers "weird impulses" because she's in a position of power. 

Speaking to BBC's Radio 1, flame-haired Welch explained that she struggles to control herself on stage because she knows she could do something unexpected to shock and entertain the viewing public:

"Because it's live TV, I always get those weird impulses like when you are standing too close to the edge of the (London) Tube platform. Having that sort of power, like, 'I could do something really weird on live telly'. But I never do.

"Why doesn't it happen more? Like, people just wigging (freaking) out. Playing the hurdy gurdy (instrument) or something. I might do star jumps."




Tweeting to her fans yesterday about her upcoming performance at tonight's (February 21) BRIT Awards, Welch wrote:

"Super excited for tmrw, rehearsals going really well! Haven't persuaded the band to do a dance routine yet, working on it!"

Watch part of her set from Brazil's recent Summer Soul festival below: