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Jessie J says the US celebrates her as 'one of the greatest singers'

Jessie J believes Americans view her as a better singer than the UK public do.

Speaking to Women's Health, the Brit suggested that the US celebrates her as one of the "greatest" vocalists around.

However, the 'Domino' star believes that her native UK audience doesn't give her as much recognition.

Jessie J was asked about why she has never been asked to perform at the Brit Awards.

She said: "It makes me sad.

"I've done the Grammys, the VMAs... my profile in America is that I'm kind of celebrated as one of the greatest singers and I love it."

Jessie J added: "I wanna be up there with the Celine Dions, the Whitneys, the Beyoncés and Arethas.

"I go hard because I hope and pray that one day, people look back and go, 'She could really f**king sing, you know'. Which is why I keep going."

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