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Jessie J's sales soar due to The Voice

Jessie J has seen sales of her album soar since joining BBC talent show The Voice as a coach.

HMV's head of PR Gennaro Castaldo told the Radio Times that her album 'Who You Are' has seen its sales at the music retailer almost double since The Voice launched.

The Script's two albums meanwhile saw a 57% increase in sales during the TV show's first week as a result of singer Danny O'Donoghue's participation, whilst Tom Jones enjoyed a 32% sale increase.

Speaking about the sales boosts, Castaldo said:

"So far Jessie has seen the biggest lift - with sales of her album nearly 100 per cent up on the period before the show started. It tends to be the performing guest artistes featured on reality TV audition shows that normally steal the headlines and see a lift in sales of their products, but for the first time it's actually the panel of judges on The Voice who appear to be benefiting."

Watch Jessie J on The Voice below: