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Kelly Osbourne reveals that Sharon doesn't update Twitter herself

Kelly Osbourne has outed her mother, Sharon, as someone who dictates her tweets to an assistant and doesn't use the social networking site directly. 

In a series of posts on her own Twitter page, November 29, the Fashion Police presenter gave her opinions on celebrities who pay people to run their public accounts for them:

"I found out that some celebs pay ppl 2 run there twitter for them! half of me thinks it ok 4 ppl like my mum & dad who cant type but half of me feels like its wrong because your not being real to the people that follow you! what do you guys think?"

Referring specifically to her own family as an example of this, Osbourne added: "my mum thinks she tweets but its really her dictating what to write to either me or her assistant so i guess it counts! Well you know its the real me because of my shit grammar!"

"AAAAAAAAAAnd how i am constantly unintentionally putting my foot in my mouth!"

Watch Kelly's recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show here: