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Labrinth's "millions of offers" from the U.S aren't enticing him just yet

UK singer-songwriter and producer Labrinth has revealed that despite being offered countless opportunities for work in the U.S he isn't ready for the big move just yet. 

The 'Let The Sun Shine' star feels that it's more important as a member of the modern music industry to let "people know where we are from" before moving on to different territory and is happy to continue building his reputation in Britain first.

He told The Sun newspaper, "I've had millions of offers (from the States) but I've been busy working on my own album. It's amazing to see what the urban scene is doing over here. It's very cool and in at the moment. Tinie and Ed Sheeran are doing their thing. They are both great."

Labrinth, real name Timothy McKenzie, does hope for an eventual change of scenery but understands the importance of crafting himself a reputation and added:

"You don't want to be a small fish in a big pond but the rewards are huge. I've seen Tinie go from UK to America and the numbers (on YouTube and sales) change instantly. I do want to go to America but it's very important people know where we are from."

Watch the video for his collaboration with Devlin on 'Let It Go' here: