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Lil Wayne's very unusual pets

U.S heavyweight rapper Lil Wayne was grilled by fellow A-lister Paris Hilton for the new edition of Interview Magazine and revealed he keeps some unusual pets. 

The 'Fireman' star explained that he's a fan of aquatics, and admitted to owning two sharks:

"I like animals, but I only have a few pets. I have a bunch of fish, and I have two sharks. Those are my dudes."

"One is a little baby, so he's about a foot or two, or something like that. Then the other one is a good two, two and a half feet, or almost three feet."

Hilton, a self-professed animal lover, asked how he looks after and keeps the sharks and he told her:

"They live in a crib. I have this little water thing. It's like a little pond under the stairwell in my house. So they swim under there."

Lil Wayne also said to Interview Magazine that he's on "Twitter strike" after his account was hacked twice and you can watch the much-talked about moment where Nicki Minaj gave him a lapdance on stage here: