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Victoria Beckham was 'embarrassed' to launch fashion career

Victoria Beckham has admitted that when she first launched her fashion line she felt "ashamed" of her background. 

The singer, mother and talented designer revealed to Elle magazine that she was concerned people wouldn't take her seriously given her background and credentials, and she was especially worried that high profile figures in the fashion industry would sneer at her creative attempt:

"We (Marc Jacobs) went out to dinner one night, and he said, 'I saw that you put out a collection.' I felt embarrassed to tell Marc Jacobs that I - me, ex-Spice Girl, married to a footballer - was creating a fashion line."

Beckham, who has enjoyed fantastic success with her career as a designer and recently won the coveted Designer Brand title at the British Fashion Awards, added:

"People say to me, 'Oh you've proved yourself to everybody...' But that was never why I did this. I had a lot to prove to myself. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of my team."




Watch Beckham's emotional acceptance speech at the 2011 British Fashion Awards below: