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Melanie B denies claims that husband is a 'bully'

Melanie B has denied claims that her husband Stephen Belafonte is a bully.

The 36-year-old, who married the movie producer back in 2007, spoke to Fabulous magazine about recent reports that sister Danielle had ‘concerns’ about Stephen, and revealed that the pair couldn’t be happier:

"Stephen is a great husband and a great father. I've always been very self-sufficient - in high times and low times. The difference is that I am reliant on Stephen and he's reliant on me and I've never been like that before. I trust him 100% with my life."

The former Spice Girl also dismissed rumours that Belafonte had bullied her into losing weight after giving birth to daughter Madison last year, saying: “Not at all. He always says it's been like having three different women with me - he's been with me when I was totally ripped, when I was huge and when I'm just a bit more curvy like I am now."

Referring to both her sister and mother’s claims that they have lost touch with the star because of her relationship, Melanie admitted: "I love my family - simple as that - but my own family come first, completely. Stephen comes first with my kids, completely. 

"People are always going to judge what they don't understand or know about, and I think [my sister and mother] are obviously very unhappy and I feel sorry for [them]."




Watch the video to Mel B's debut single, 'I Want You Back,' below: