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Liam Payne "has so many talents that people don't know"

Nicholas Gale, who releases and produces music under the name Digital Farm Animals, has revealed that One Direction singer Liam Payne will be producing his own solo album.

He told Britain's Daily Star newspaper that the heartthrob is taking full control on his record and he has a real aptitude for the production side of things:

"I've been doing a lot with Liam. I've not heard much of the other stuff that he's been doing but I can say he is really talented. He writes very well, he's also started producing as well. He just comes up with these great ideas so it made sense for him to have more control, I guess."

"I kind of helped him, the stuff that we have been doing I helped produce it, showed him some things and we wrote it. I mean he has so many talents that people don't know."

Singer Conor Maynard also recently told the press that Payne's solo material has an R&B vibe: "The guys I’m working with have sent off tracks to him that he’s heard, he might not know it was me who wrote it though. He is taking the R&B route. By what I’ve heard it is very much that style. I heard tracks he has been sent to record for it and they’re good.”

Watch Liam Payne at the BRITs earlier this month here:

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