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Justin Bieber finally unveils 'Boyfriend' video

As promised, Canadian hitmaker Justin Bieber treated his fans around the world to the full cut of his music video for 'Boyfriend' last night (May 3).

The highly-anticipated video debuted on MTV First at 7.50pm EST and has since been uploaded to YouTube for international Beliebers to check out.

Visually, 'Boyfriend' marks a more mature direction for the 18-year-old superstar as he can be seen driving muscle cars, partying with friends and serenading a girl with his guitar.

The Director X-directed offering is stylish and sleek, and has a sexy edge that puts it in a different league from his previous music videos and is perfectly age-appropriate.

Speaking to MTV about the video, Bieber admitted that he doesn't really have the time to party like he does in some of its scenes but he explained that his down time is still very much enjoyed:

"I work. ... If I'm with my friends, we like to do regular stuff," he said, before opening up about what he does to unsuspecting pals in an elevator. "We have this game where basically we hit each other in the balls."

He also spoke briefly about the styling and explained that the gold sneakers he can be seen wearing were his own idea:

"I did pick out those swaggy gold shoes. They spray-painted them gold. That's what I'm going to do: I'm gonna start wearing gold shoes all the time."

Watch the official video in full here: