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P!nk hospitalised, tweets photos of herself hooked up to a drip

'Sober' hitmaker P!nk has shared Instagram photographs of herself in hospital hooked up to a morphine drip.

The songstress took to social networking site Twitter earlier today (June 1) and explained to her 8.7 million followers that she either has stomach flu or "ulcers again" so has been admitted to hospital for monitoring.

She also shared a picture that was taken from her hospital bed, which she accompanied with the caption:

"Maybe it's cause my mom was an ER nurse all my life- but throw me in a gown and a hook me up to an IV- and I'm a happy girl. Stomach flu sucks but morphine doesn't.”

"Thanks for all the get well wishes. And no-they don't give morphine for flu. I might have ulcers again. Because I care too much. It's a gift."



Watch P!nk's music video for 'Raise Your Glass' below: