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Nicole Scherzinger: 'Long-distance relationships aren't natural, but they're crazy romantic'

Songstress Nicole Scherzinger has confessed that while having a long-distance relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton can be difficult, it's incredibly romantic because of the effort they put in.

Speaking to the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, the beauty admitted that it's certainly very hard to maintain a relationship when you're thousands of miles from your significant other, but it's so worthwhile:

"Well, it's something crazy romantic. Relationships are hard and having to hold a long-distance relationship is even harder. It's kudos to us for growing and trying - there's so much love there."

The superstar went onto add that there's nothing 'natural' about long-distance relationships, but if you love somebody you'll dive straight into it: "It's just the distance; it's not natural for anyone. But I'm good and I'm happy."

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