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Olly Murs laughs off Cheryl Cole phone number snub

Olly Murs has laughed off being ignored by Cheryl Cole after asking for her number on Twitter.

The Xtra Factor man had cheekily tweeted the singer asking for her number - but Murs never received a reply.

Speaking on BBC's Graham Norton show, Murs brushed off the rejection and joked that her internet must be broken. He said:

"She tweeted me so I thought, 'Sod it why not ask for her number.' You can't blame a guy for trying. Her wifi must be down or something as I haven't heard from her yet."

Murs also spoke about how he doesn't sleep with "stunning women" - because they are usually just interested in selling their story. He said:

"I don't sleep with stunning women. Before I got famous no good looking girls would come near me. And now I get loads of gorgeous girls come up to me which is incredible but they only want one thing, to sell their story."




Watch Olly Murs' 'Oh My Goodness' below: