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Una Healy's husband on how he chose to date her: 'I picked her from a TV line up'

Rugby star Ben Foden has revealed that the story of how he came to meet his now wife Una Healy, of The Saturdays fame, is a rather unsual one.

During an interview with Attitude magazine, the hunk explained that he had been lamenting his love live with an agent when The Saturdays appeared on the TV in the pub they were in so he pointed at her and said that she would be a great girlfriend:

"I'd been having lunch in a pub with my agent when he asked about my love life, and I was, 'Oh, non existent.'"

"He asked me if there was anyone I was thinking about, then The Saturdays popped up on the music channel in the corner, and I said, 'Oh, the one with the blue tights.' And the next thing I know, I've got a text saying, 'She's expecting your call.'"

The pair got married back in the summer of last year and now have a one-year-old daughter together named Aoife Belle.





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