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Mark Owen shuns bus for own home each night of the Progress tour

Take That's Mark Owen has been leaving the band's Progress tour every night to go home to his family and children. 

The 'Patience' singer's decision to shun after-show antics for a consistent home life came after he admitted to having numerous affairs back in 2010 and he explained to Time Out magazine that he's finally realised it's possible to have it all:

"I always thought that the mentality was 'When you go on tour, you go on tour'."

"I've realised it doesn't have to be like that. Life needn't be that one way or another. I don't feel as disconnected from my family now."

He added that the tour, which has broken sales records, is a way for Take That to thank fans for their undying loyalty:

"It's a chance to say thank you to 1.8 million people - thank you for sticking by us through the last 20 years for all our s***. Because that's what we are, all our s*** that we've gone through they've stuck by us."

Watch part of the group's live stage show here: