Chris Bekker & Paul Thomas - Zoundz - Out Now On VANDIT

Individually, with ‘Invader’ and ‘Lucir’, they’re two producers who’ve more than delivered with goods for VANDIT in recent months. Now, studio-side, Berlin meets Birmingham as Chris Bekker and GodsKitchen resident Paul Thomas bring together their own house-hybridizing, trance-translating sonics to create the mighty ‘Zoundz’!

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Check ‘Zoundz’ out via the VANDIT SoundCloud here:

Their Intention Mix marries the trancey prowl of analogue-ish bass with judiciously distorted sub-riffs and intense kick-drum programming. Amplifying the tension, it teases out the intro, building maximum floor pressure, finally before hitting ‘release’ on ‘Zoundz’s atom-splitting lead line!

Deepening its LFO vibrancy, the Tough Love version gives the track some proper low-end thump & no small amount of drive. With a profusion of hissing, heavy industry styled FX and low-pass sweeps, the mix shifts onto darker trance terrain.

A mix to cover most floor occasions, ‘Zoundz’ resounds out of speakers from today. Waste not another minute and pick it up via Beatport!



01: Zoundz (Intention Mix)

02: Zoundz (Tough Love Mix)

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